Using Signature Pad with ASP.NET MVC

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  1. J Nickens says:


    I gave this a go today and everything worked except that when I get to the list or go back to edit, the signature I did isn't showing at all. I was wondering if you could point into the direction of why it isn't.

    • Hendy Tarnando says:

      Hi, you may want to check whether the signature data has been saved successfully into database. Also, check if there is any script errors appear in your browser console.

  2. Mark says:

    The nuget version is 1.5.3 and on Github its 2.3.2. Can I update just the signature_pad.js file or do I need to also install bezier.js, point.js, and throttle.js


  3. M Ferreira says:

    Well done and very much appreciated!!!!! U da man Hendy!

  4. Shigri says:

    Thanks.... very nice

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